[ARCHIVE] Sparrow King[ARCHIVE] Legacy Points

Points were awarded for controlling the Sparrow KotH Square.



#NameIDKotH Score
201hehehe ha{5F8ED}443 pts
202Do anything you want{89563}440 pts
203THE SHIP >:)))){75969}440 pts
204ⓈⓄⓍ BoogerTurd{C7633}438 pts
205SHIP #12343{CF68E}438 pts
206☭ USSR (rus) ☭{D63D4}437 pts
207MZ Jellyfish{FE635}435 pts
208R.I.P ship{30178}432 pts
209test{FBF5E}432 pts
210hotel{3AE073}430 pts
211Tangkil{F1DF2}430 pts
212Just Survive [cap afk watching]{7ADFE}430 pts
213ᴇᴘɪᴄ |Get Slugged{B79EA}429 pts
214💥배틀용쉽💥{1372E}429 pts
215Join{53816}429 pts
216auto ship{70148}428 pts
217🔪TALL KILLER🔪{82889}428 pts
218nave de prueva{549120}426 pts
219Yoshikawa{D1539}425 pts
220sign aplifier-me win{80909}424 pts
221Trader guard{8090B8}424 pts
222Auto Ship Real Drednot Check{B565F}423 pts
2230x |another one{82FFC0}421 pts
224smoll boi{230C8}421 pts
225menu :){39CFD}419 pts
226🍺 Beer moves you 🍺{701C6}419 pts
227bruh280{A39E9}419 pts
228yorg.io 3{A199A}418 pts
229Random Lake{09067D}418 pts
230You should play Noita{0052A6}418 pts
231get sniped[GA]{30231}416 pts
232GA l scat ur mom{643A60}416 pts
233Massively Annoying.{27D0B}415 pts
234THE SORTER{068F70}413 pts
235ShadowKiller{E7FB1}412 pts
236VICTOR💣💣💣{70649}410 pts
237Iserlohn Fortress{A8171}408 pts
238bigest fighter{868B7}406 pts
239pls no tounch{3F6CA}406 pts
240hehe{46B4C}405 pts
241Saint-Memmie{76E147}404 pts
242Test{06054}403 pts
243 Leviathan{11722}403 pts
244Oi moment😳{2415B}400 pts
245戦闘船{10B5B7}400 pts
246⌈Atom Bomb⌋✿Grand Max✤{0D268}399 pts
247boxxy{B0AB7A}398 pts
248Ship?{2EA76}393 pts
249🐅⚔Grandfather's Hand⚔🐅{3EB00}393 pts
250=P{3BF156}392 pts
251(IDK) PARKOUR{EB8F7}389 pts
252this was an auto that german ate{16E43}386 pts
253Join Pls i will give you a hover{C9003F}384 pts
254【✠KMS✠】BLACK ᗯÏᗪᗝᗯ{20350}384 pts
255HALO{2D9F38}383 pts
256df{1E144}382 pts
257Bolondrón{124BF}382 pts
258bots killer{6EC74}379 pts
259Rainbow ship{A9892}379 pts
260FB{62325}379 pts
261|Cosmic| BattleShip{BB0BA}377 pts
262 the slapper of e {BA6A3}377 pts
263lamonaca{D40A5}376 pts
264hehe boi{6E252B}376 pts
265Tusa{AACE8}375 pts
266Scatter Shot{DE738}375 pts
267Kohaiku{7F0A88}375 pts
268U.N.S.C. DARK LORD{0CD8D}374 pts
269RAGS TO RICHES{04B3D}374 pts
2703x3{36B8D}374 pts
271GSF Auto Sparrow{A7404}372 pts
272🔰SHORKTHEFOSH{B1D9C1}372 pts
273if you see me you live{6E797}371 pts
274Niko niko nee{5D760}370 pts
275Smol ship protecter{1A753}370 pts
276Death Star{71182}369 pts
277Akachopl{11B64}369 pts
278galaxy war{13811}366 pts
279Golden nulls & chat{CBD44}366 pts
280Looter{4A5F}365 pts
281≃ FED | reee{7B29C}364 pts
282green bot killer v2{3971D}364 pts
283haha u succ{4284F}364 pts
284mk{6106C}364 pts
285join me{AFA65}364 pts
286UA|😇 Rules of nature 😇{C55A0}362 pts
287YOUR DEAD{5EA36}362 pts
288LONG DESTROYER{9A4C2}360 pts
289lol{EA697}360 pts
290anti-cheat ship :){67F88}360 pts
2916x6{F6C9E}359 pts
292|🇬🇧|HMS|Royal Oak{937C2}357 pts
293Blood For The Blood God{A3ACA}356 pts
294no me alidy{52272}356 pts
295Квадрат Смерти{DBAC7}356 pts
296ship idea{1AB06}356 pts
297auto{33610}356 pts
298lockheed {𝕂.𝔸.𝕋.ℤ}{C7237}356 pts
299DESTROY{12D84}355 pts
300G E T O U T W H I L E Y O U {5D1A}355 pts