[ARCHIVE] Sparrow King[ARCHIVE] Legacy Points

Points were awarded for controlling the Sparrow KotH Square.



#NameIDKotH Score
901s t o r a g e{B6416}177 pts
902my first autoship{2C1A6C}177 pts
903oliver{9DAED}177 pts
904big boss{C79BC0}177 pts
905просто кор{F14DE}176 pts
906Eğerci{F376D}176 pts
907😇Nothing OP here😇{2C7ED}176 pts
908ⓈⓄⓍ{84420}176 pts
909👻adam v2👻{84458}176 pts
910No Cheating But There's a Farmer{1CCA8}176 pts
911Miss Me Alot Then Kiss Me Alot{A77F}176 pts
913🐯 муха цикатуха 🐯{B6085}176 pts
914gg{8533D7}176 pts
915Slug Battle{9BD10}176 pts
916BRU{BE1CD}175 pts
917 {C29803}175 pts
918Starcan red sniper{51DD8}175 pts
919battle ship 6{A08A8F}175 pts
920SE | beeg{FA008}175 pts
921experiment0001-puplic survival{7B417}175 pts
922chris{39CC9}174 pts
923ᴇᴘɪᴄ|Oh i even can(t) Kill ships{CAE3}174 pts
924Муха{A59E0}174 pts
925Fight Me{13AC0}174 pts
926fishing in the S.E.A (CLOSED{7860D}174 pts
927𝓢𝔂𝓢|𝓢𝓾𝓷𝓷𝔂-𝓐𝓕𝓚{6EF86}174 pts
928the lion king{D1AC5}173 pts
929Freeport Blocker 1{75EBD7}173 pts
930😇𝒰𝒜😇 ℱ𝒶𝓇𝓂ℯ𝓇{492C9}173 pts
931hi{11CC8}173 pts
932battle ship 3.0{AD142}173 pts
933real play farmer{39377}173 pts
934'꧁😎🐦BRUH🐦😎꧂'{D12C5}173 pts
935|lol| hehe{0969D}173 pts
936A{4C6CF}172 pts
937#1{8F71E}172 pts
938Hatton{7F37F}172 pts
939адвыадбыавплдап{64D46}172 pts
940DANGER BRUH{BE206}172 pts
941not FREE CAP JOIN NOW 2{0AC91}172 pts
942👾Tornado👾{CC615}172 pts
943parkour rainbow{4CDFD}172 pts
944кор без читов{F11E5F}172 pts
945P&F V1{F61638}172 pts
946Lutian{B5CDA}172 pts
947Come play with Major_Flux{D74DB}172 pts
948ammo{4CF4C}172 pts
949yo soy español{6725A}172 pts
950hopper{B4640}172 pts
951UCA Test Ship{A3E7D}171 pts
952king{D0D15}171 pts
953Labala{56A4C}171 pts
954yuwiaoa{99654}171 pts
955🛡️| bottlol{4AFF5}171 pts
956Боевой кор на макс строительство{A9546}171 pts
957aasdfasdfsf{4C827}171 pts
958The best ship 2{DBA31}170 pts
959yubuygbfktnktfnfytfbtjbfhtfnjnfj{63D9C7}170 pts
960farmer{5005C}170 pts
961test{B3BDD}170 pts
962Pushing Duel{F8196}170 pts
963Ssniper{9E889}170 pts
964mm{B0DE9}170 pts
965Убийца{376EE}170 pts
967pc{12F48}170 pts
968Sparrow King {FE9D2}170 pts
969to the bright side[beer]{D163D}170 pts
970me{E553A}170 pts
971Welcome to This ████in ship{C372D}170 pts
972No cheats{D5104A}170 pts
973STest{20ABF}170 pts
974 👾 Hurricane 👾{BA795}170 pts
975Big Attacker Ship{F03E}170 pts
976green bot killer{BB8FC}170 pts
977idk man im just bored{E90E16}170 pts
978The long ship >:)/Pog ship2.0{0B342}170 pts
979📦BOX📦 warship{16B0B}170 pts
980reg{F70557}170 pts
981boom{4B58D}170 pts
982join and do all you want{8C8E7}169 pts
983meowree{345491}168 pts
984👾𝖕𝖆𝖗𝖙𝖆𝖓{94E3}168 pts
985Purton{70260}168 pts
986Joestar's Kings Square Dominator{B3A669}168 pts
987EternalSpin{6706E}168 pts
988ScatterShot Auto Ship{54208}168 pts
989wasasa{1D96E}168 pts
990😇UA😇|Wipeout{BB1D0}168 pts
991battleship test{72ED9}168 pts
992max size war ship{D08E5}168 pts
993KILLER{1F98A}168 pts
994finch battle ship{E83BF7}168 pts
995Survival{16A6A}168 pts
996Op Killer | ClapperNot{32591}168 pts
997sdf{856E9F}168 pts
998noob{CE0ED8}168 pts
999test baca{FBC59}168 pts
1,000ЛГБТ ТОП{2B1735}168 pts