[ARCHIVE] Sparrow King[ARCHIVE] Legacy Points

The original scoring system based on wealth. Items were assigned somewhat arbitrary point values.



#NameIDLegacy Score
1https://discord.gg/GtS5jA5f{D21CD}5,760,344,365 pts
2POINTS 5 BILLION{FB46B}5,401,519,970 pts
3Greta Thunberg v2{868D}4,164,065,485 pts
4big box{51ED9}2,577,563,570 pts
5[FB] 2 Bill Points{C1BDB}1,548,040,435 pts
6.....PTS_MASTER.....{29CCE}1,513,957,370 pts
7Points{A6545}1,203,620,100 pts
8Can We Get 1 Trillion Points?{20F59}1,201,301,820 pts
9Rocket packs{03C56}1,200,114,240 pts
10most pts{A27EF}1,017,476,600 pts
11Fastest Ship To 1 Billion Points{64EED}1,003,017,920 pts
12new!!!{32BC}999,424,184 pts
13👾 rocket storage{74790}903,082,430 pts
1442 Mil Points{E3933}874,064,060 pts
15:>{DFC9}836,147,570 pts
16Nautical Points Inc.{93617}773,849,090 pts
17sos{EB609}736,182,080 pts
18Toybox?{4038}702,709,155 pts
19anime{DF3BC}678,215,000 pts
20o_0{B97EB}666,404,150 pts
21Functional Item Deatomizer{D702}638,766,470 pts
22сумашедщий мега пойнты{7D22D}629,138,940 pts
23ⓈⓄⓍ{B85BA}626,673,925 pts
24Number 1{3256F}569,313,160 pts
25best ship{3D115}528,258,310 pts
26Shuyuan{042B}450,136,300 pts
27piker anarchy{24C5D}431,854,100 pts
28The Frigatebird{54FE2}425,513,760 pts
29Garbage collector{70CAD}412,422,670 pts
30what do with blak bloc{0F31B}389,176,320 pts
31𝘽𝙊𝙉𝙕𝙄 𝗦𝗼𝗳𝘁𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗲{11D8}386,798,930 pts
32SHRED = leaderboard{E40D0}381,642,670 pts
33Points yos yos{A7B30}369,699,670 pts
34Ur mom{4AF7}329,404,025 pts
35hi me 1st 2{1E8BA}306,488,160 pts
36Points{D09BE}289,413,360 pts
37When the points are big delicous{D04C6}287,266,400 pts
38Ship Breaker{BFB83}286,213,470 pts
39🐅#ROAD TO 1 billion POINTS🐅{26F75}274,474,800 pts
40Ramadan Parkour 2 (Levels 31-60){FA556}271,887,200 pts
41🦅 Points 🦅{30D1D}270,709,840 pts
42dvec]INFINITE LAG{E156C}267,143,620 pts
44poop fart nuts{7A4A5}231,769,505 pts
45American's Recycler{A9F7}227,879,860 pts
46flux storage{5FF82}225,228,685 pts
47Points i guess ;-; (100 mil pts){3B55B}223,012,880 pts
48A{71F0}222,382,000 pts
49A LOT O POINTS{6DAC3}212,626,160 pts
50cимулятор пиления{3D79D}211,790,075 pts
51jump bgi{0ACEE}203,751,885 pts
52(Not So Many) Points{9C3B}199,423,920 pts
53WE'LL EAT CAKE BY THE OCEAN {BA089}196,812,805 pts
54Point Grinder{0F5FE}191,286,400 pts
55😇UA😇|𝕭𝖑𝖆𝖈𝖐 𝕲𝖔𝖑𝖉{87C32}188,435,040 pts
56Items from 1 year ago breh{5930}188,350,740 pts
57a trees point's{91185B}186,072,900 pts
58big{7DDFB}182,398,300 pts
59recycler{52E2E}180,177,550 pts
60free ship{142DA}179,542,000 pts
61Points "Not What You Expect"{A3C06}167,864,110 pts
62большой бокс и фарм pts 150m :){3B09A}164,760,230 pts
63Global Citizens are stupid{59609}163,378,465 pts
64Cuz y not{84A90}162,501,920 pts
6565th WOOHOOO{780D01}160,622,900 pts
66goal 500 mill points{F90FD7}158,628,540 pts
67Kopi Viral Griefing Ban Him ?{7B139}157,309,570 pts
68Missile And Cosmic's Points :D{3266E}156,970,115 pts
69:0 points + amazement{386DF}156,649,590 pts
70мусаршик{9391B}155,559,450 pts
71Free Pas Buka Trans 7{2DD36}152,636,800 pts
72ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ{B253E1}150,000,000 pts
73yep its me{9BF42}147,878,110 pts
74(🐦😎 S.S. AutoShip™ 2.0UA 😇🐦){126E98}147,100,710 pts
751bil points+{10986}141,859,400 pts
76ship{3674}141,141,460 pts
77ah,just a pt catcher{3FF22}138,602,240 pts
78{4321} POINTS{55284}133,008,810 pts
791/2{A6EB}129,812,100 pts
80Tame's Lag Monster (Collector){F1E75}129,462,375 pts
81Lanfear's Legacy{3B49A}128,631,605 pts
82#3lN2Ek 's LAG Monster V1{81556}126,888,040 pts
83Epic | Red{FE356}126,452,495 pts
84shredder{ED127}125,825,180 pts
85nice ship {D768}124,598,875 pts
86The H™{4F49}124,526,740 pts
87AMONG US ALARM{06438}123,100,540 pts
88ROOMBA SHIP{42BC}121,757,115 pts
89Miandrarivo{3894}120,801,540 pts
90ГОЛДОН КОР??{6C175}120,645,460 pts
91Win parkour for leg{9E43E}120,641,320 pts
92Ñ{2F6F2C}119,750,000 pts
934321LOL1234 And Adamputra Azhari{8038FB}118,749,440 pts
94Connect 4 (Inspired by Strycon){AD233}117,560,810 pts
95golden null trophy{36757}116,712,240 pts
96🦅 What are points? 🦅{3F6B4}116,435,780 pts
97SUPER EJECTOR{B5A66}114,856,665 pts
98gulag{DE86A}114,670,620 pts
99bulid a base - Swiss Nexus{D100C}114,179,860 pts
100PIXEL ART{B0DE}114,046,840 pts