Sparrow King[ARCHIVE] Legacy Points

Points are awarded for controlling the Sparrow KotH Square.



#NameIDKotH Score
1LoL [𝓑𝓚]{22C8E}30,684 pts
2tiny attacker{7183A9}15,637 pts
3Death star{8131A}7,466 pts
4Anti-Greifer Mercenary{DDEBC}6,055 pts
5[A.I] Custodian{30BB4}5,468 pts
6⚚ Leviathan ⚚ {C96BE}5,252 pts
7Inevitable{E5B71}4,538 pts
8 🔥MM 🔥|bee sting{2E219}3,935 pts
9Massive Flak storm{9B9D}3,709 pts
10Sparrow King!{5F664}3,646 pts
11🔯the kingsman🔯{462CE}3,596 pts
12😇UA😇|Back Off{3EE073}3,510 pts
13[A.I.] Sentinel{EFD8C2}3,291 pts
14Auto?!?{EAF32}2,793 pts
15⌯ Supremacy ⌯『ɪɢᴏ』{B166E}2,725 pts
16Undertalic Life V(Determination){F5DD}2,491 pts
17battle times{79E797}2,257 pts
18ᴇᴘɪᴄ | let me punch ur balls👾{29D0A}2,247 pts
19q{879DC}2,190 pts
20slugger{762FC0}2,047 pts
21AK Fishing{7A9F8}2,006 pts
22Prdel{0E78EF}1,982 pts
23[Contur] MΣΣK'Ƨ ЩЯΛƬΉ{0E205}1,860 pts
24Knitting Ship 5{B4421}1,849 pts
25e{D89C2}1,836 pts
26UA | DTom{97A69}1,826 pts
27😇UA😇|Friendly Farmer V3{BE33E}1,825 pts
28UNSC Infinity{9DEE0}1,806 pts
29In The Eye Of A Hurricane{4B41B}1,790 pts
30scatter ammo ship but little {70DB02}1,785 pts
31Fighter-Bomber (TS){76A28F}1,619 pts
32✬mini✬{452E3}1,526 pts
33flux collector{DA431}1,511 pts
34hiwe: by #vbs, #CGS, and #_a{A44CC}1,484 pts
35классные русские{4AC65}1,479 pts
36Ostrov{A2C83}1,477 pts
37The funny【✠KMS✠】{900D9}1,466 pts
38les cool shipe{C981}1,444 pts
39GRIEF ME PLS{47FBD}1,381 pts
40grape thief{CD2990}1,313 pts
41🌀Another will fall🌀KMS{7DDFC}1,287 pts
42wtf{4A66D}1,277 pts
43Siberian Juggernaut{FD865}1,230 pts
44The Ωmega{2BC5F}1,170 pts
45Quitang{806BF}1,146 pts
46The Recycler{BE13B}1,142 pts
47ᴇᴘɪᴄ|Get Slugged Down{24844}1,131 pts
48ඞthe gladiator v3ඞ{32027}1,116 pts
49AK Master, ready for battle{473E96}1,090 pts
50Penglyfe CPPS{B34A}1,077 pts
51 ඞTHE DESTROYER ඞ{5CE125}1,072 pts
52Ground Zero{153C0}1,062 pts
53Ace, The sparrow king{7CCF0}1,019 pts
54jdott<3 vibxzz{461FF}970 pts
55ᴇᴘɪᴄ |Λᴛʟᴀʀ{E80C0E}961 pts
56добытчик сканеров{44794E}960 pts
57Colatrix's Fast Attack Ship{1FA57}959 pts
58Odd warship{39767}953 pts
59♠︎ {GREEN DESTROYER{contur ♠︎{CD0DD}917 pts
60Pandaria{14068}908 pts
61zone destroyer MK2{BD62D}897 pts
62small bot fighter{95400}894 pts
63Home Sweet Home 17 April 2022{961493}878 pts
64фыа{66A5D}869 pts
65🇬🇧|HMS|Royal Oak{CC98C}862 pts
66🍺Powder farmer🍺{170AC}860 pts
67Джаггернаут Original{CC6D9}847 pts
68💣biggest auto💣{9688E}846 pts
69Paradoxical Strikebreaking{949C9}840 pts
70Jasiu BLANKA{F4560}838 pts
71Puncher{E2AB9}835 pts
72super auto (first one I made){871F0}829 pts
73Burgsalach{46C05}798 pts
74꧁༺ 𝓼𝓬𝓱𝓲𝔃𝓪-𝔁𝔁𝓵 ༻꧂{0AE20}784 pts
75Bruubber{EEDA8}773 pts
76⚡Imma make u into flakes⚡{F3B2EF}769 pts
77pls help me fight first ten get {F977B}768 pts
78join here{08161}766 pts
79♠︎ FIRE BLITZ ♠︎{D8743A}756 pts
80(HMNZS) Orion{E1C8F}725 pts
81|{C0781}724 pts
82ещё 1 клон лолотрека-убийца{BF94C}721 pts
83can u survive the virus{4239B}716 pts
84S.S Perish{BBAE3}714 pts
85ОЧКОВ{51E66}708 pts
86【✠KMS✠】I need Help {5A190}708 pts
87Mixed Ammo Ship{959F6}705 pts
88obj. 512{1C3EE}696 pts
89stick design{B1F699}696 pts
90Umber Rod{8FE19}695 pts
91Spirekeeper{8805A}692 pts
92RedBlue Battleship{0C9BB}691 pts
93white curtain{C226D}688 pts
94ᴇᴘɪᴄ| doom sky{BA69A}686 pts
95Gummy Bear{E14F0C}676 pts
96foo12x12 | Sniper 1 (blood rage){36D56}672 pts
97San Marcos{6A34C}670 pts
98The One Man Ship{A5D6FE}669 pts
99{S.A.D} Nothing v.8{C705A}660 pts
100flakstik{3C65F}658 pts